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Traveler’s Journal – Monkeys Are Dicks


Monkeys are the worst. They’re like terrifyingly strong, long-armed dwarfs with a penchant for thievery. Only hairier. People from places that don’t have monkeys usually love them, but folks from monkey-rich areas know better. I used to love monkeys too, until I had to deal with them.

My first inkling that our nimble cousins might be dicks came from an experience in Dharamsala, India. I was walking back to my guest house after poking around in the temple of the Dalai Lama (his home base while in exile from Tibet is on the edge of town) and I stopped to pick up an orange from a tiny, rough-hewn fruit stand on the side of the road.

The little shack perched on the edge of a steep and densely forested embankment, and its owner sat on a plastic stool beside his wares. The other side of the street abutted a cliff, which rose several stories in a series of broad, broken ledges. As the fruit vendor chatted with a sari-clad woman who had stopped to buy a pineapple,

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Special Commentary – Health Care Reform Part XVII

Barack Obama by Donkeyhotey.

Robert A. Dahl died in February at the age of 98. For forty years he had been a professor of political science at Yale University and was often called the dean of American political science. An early — and seminal — work by Professor Dahl was Who Governs? written in 1961. In

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First Person Shooter – All Rise!!!

March Against The War 1971

I was 24 years old in April of 1971. The United States involvement in the Vietnam War had gone on for well over a decade, and it had occupied the entirety of my young political life. The reality of war was starker during Vietnam than it might be

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New Music – Real Americans


Brothers and sisters, here’s a new bit of true beauty by our comrade-in-booze Matthew Grimm. If you’ve ever wanted to donkeypunch your television when some right-wing gasbag is “speaking to the heartland” or condemning “San Francisco values,” then this song is for you.

Fuck. Yeah.


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New Music – Mercedes Escobar


If you happen to pass by this dusty corner of the internet on a hot and cloudless day, you might see Mercedes Escobar down by the crossroads . . . kicking the living shit out of poseur douchenozzles with the business end of her guitar. She’s so damn good,

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Bookstore Stories – The Estonian

Bill McGowan at his post in Dyslexia Bookstore.

I was sitting on the stool at the desk one quiet, sunny afternoon about two years ago. Business was slow. She wandered in, gave me a warm smile, but said little. She was stunningly beautiful. Young twenties, blond wavy hair, wonderful smile. She started looking in the fiction section.


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The Surly Bartender – Good Christian Bigots

Celebrity Sightings In Los Angeles - August 30, 2011

Something has been chewing my bones lately, and as we haven’t talked for a while, I wanna get this straight. No matter who you are — be that the bare-chested president of an overcompensating nation, a duck-mimicking celebrity with a Bible and a gun, or just some tax-paying, everyday

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